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RTB’s take on family and being a pro emcee in todays era

Peace music is the Apex of communication. Humans and animals react to the sound of music. Music has raised us young men/women to grown ups. With out music where would you be today ? Hip hop is the voice of the youth. It shines a light on youthful manners and stands against anything used to prevent us (the youth) from GROWTH. For instance in the 80s n 90s you had groups like Public Enemy & NWA that stood against Police Brutality. Later on in the years you had rap groups like the FUGEES and Wu Tang Clan that shines light on there neighborhoods and poverty. So you see hip hop was always a vessel for upliftment. To me hip hop today isn’t as uplifting. Today hip hop focuses more on committing black on black crime and crazed sexual activity. Which to a certain degree is more detrimental to us then instrumental. I feel also that hip hop today is dividing families because of the constant glorification of materialistic things and the notion of “MAKING IT BIG”. What is making it big if the average Millionaire becomes a millionaire at 49 ? With that being said what is the rush and is the “making it big” phrase effective for todays youth ? If you have a family build with your family fight the good fight it’ll be tough but improving your generation should be worth it RIGHT ?

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