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RTB on the pros and cons of different streaming platforms

Peace y'all I know you waiting for more developments on my site and trust and believe I'm putting it together nice n easy. On the contrary I got fish to fry so let's talk about independent artist and major artist differences and similarities. Indie and major is different because if you pay attention major artist have more freedom to live life and create a "LIFESTYLE" for fans to fall in love with where as Indie artist have to rely on self and other resources they create for there brand. Major label artist get top notch "looks" and overall more efficient branding. Indie artist have to know how to market and promote themselves. Both groups have to have multiple streams of income to live and to create music. With that being said that's brief details on the subject. Now let's talk about streaming platforms. In my expert opinion platforms like Tidal , Apple Music , Pandora etc cater to majors. Spotify in the other hand is heaven for indie artist cause you can literally create your brand on the platform. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT BLOG I MIGHT JUST BREAK IT DOWN FOR ALL MY FELLOW INDIE ARTIST 🤩👨🏿‍🎓

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