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Rah The Broker tells another jail story pt.2

Yeah man I was gouverneur correctional facility for 3 years. I moved all thru the prison from the one side to the 2 side. I was in D block on the 2 side. Yoooo there was this CO there everyone called him D2 Krausett lol that muthafucka ruled that dorm with a iron fist. Talk about oppression we wound up all getting kicked out that dorm cause niggas ripped pages out the CO log book trying to get son FIRED lmao. He did the most. I ain't gon lie I was working in the laundry room at the time and I was getting cigarettes for contracts. Now if you ever did time then you know cigarettes "Specifically" (TOP) is currency in prison if I had to compare it IT's LIKE A $20 bill FACTS. Anyway he tried to stop my grind cause I was getting too many cigarettes I had like 50 packs when he searched my cell so I had to divide them joints up with my guys. From that point on he was targeting me so fuck it I HAD MY MOM CALL ALBANY AND REPORTED HIS ASS LMFAO..... he fell back from me word Moral of the Story : no matter where you are in this world YOU HAVE A VOICE SPEAK UP 🗣💥👨🏿‍🎓


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