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Rah The Broker reflects on doing time part 1

Look man I did a lot of time n I know your ppl prolly did too but I’m an artist that’s been mistreated n mishandled as a youth. I was taught that prison was part of being a man n it’s not.prison could’ve totally been avoided had I had the right guidance I needed to succeed but I ain’t tripping cause we all trying to get ahead. Ijs the hardships I encountered and the losses I took can never be reversed. I was tricked and I want to stop other young dudes from being tricked. I got family members that been dealing with me crazy cause they think I’m crazy but really they don’t understand me. They don’t know I had to regulate everywhere I went on two different bids just so I can eat some chicken or use the phone. I had to man up early and that gave me an edge over a lot of softer dudes but the time I lost pursuing my dreams I can never get back THAT’S Y I GO SO HARD TODAY CAUSE IM MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME. I overcame oppression a million times IT’S YOUR TURN 🤩👨🏿‍🎓

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