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Rah The Broker on his thoughts about the “Only Fans” epidemic

Point blank period God created man and women for each other. We are suppose to create with each other , build with each other and communicate with each other. I’m todays modern society women have become more independent and men have become more dependent. These are the facts that men today are weaker then men of previous era’s statistically. “Only Fans” is the poster child for weakness in men because if you think about it Your actually paying to see someone via internet and 9 out of 10 times you will never really meet that person. Fellas don’t blame the ladies for deceiving you into thinking they really WANT YOU on “ONLY FANS” blame your excessive intake of dopamine such as senseless scrolling in your phone. Not lifting heavy weights , simping , watching porn (masturbation) and eating bad food. All these things kill our testosterone.

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