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Rah The Broker just released his new EP opens up about “wearing many hats” and ills of the music biz

Peace I feel great being independent and self sufficient. I appreciate for having me. The love is real. I’ve been very busy building companies and staying out of trouble. It’s hard to stay consistent because so many people don’t really want to see you win. This business is designed to separate families and friends. Most people fear what they don’t understand and they don’t want to try new things. They have fixed mindsets. I’m not only a rap artist I’m also a record exec. , curator , promoter , entrepreneur and most importantly a family man. I come across a lot of impatient , broken and torn people with big dreams but little to know understanding of what it takes to get ahead and make a name for yourself. These are the “discovery times” where people think someone is going to actually give a damn about them discover them and change there lives. People I thought loved me turn on me all the time that’s why I wrote the song “Turnt” on my new EP. Everyone ain’t your friend and everyone isn’t your enemy but for the most part peoples love is CONDITIONAL. Any way follow me on ig for all my latest moves and follow that’s my record label page where I shine light on artist I feel got what it takes to SUCCEED “BEFORE THE MONEY 2” OUT NOW 💯👨🏿‍🎓

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