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Rah Got another Prison Story for ya

Yeah man so you know I did alotta time and I saw a lot of things. One of the things I saw coming thru the system is drugs. I never knew I would see drugs in prison cause at the end of the day prison is suppose to be for reform and rehabilitation (smfh). So yeah I saw people use drugs and sell drugs and I can't say I'm not guilty of doing the same after all you adapt to your surroundings. So any way I had my little crew I would do crime in prison with. We did time together. One of my main guys I always ate with and broke bread with had like 9 years in when I met him. He was doing a 13 year bid for armed robbery. I know what your thinking "some friend" right ? Yeah but I was young and I was 10 hours away from all my loved ones plus I never did time before like that maybe a month or something but never 7 years straight... so I was naive. I actually befriended this muthafucka and you know what I learned the hard way about being so nice because the minute I delayed his gratification he bit me. So we went half on some synthetic weed (K2) we smoked that so we could avoid catching dirty urines but that shit had dudes bugging out (another story). My money was funny at the time so I told him I'd pay him back. Man a week went by and he asked me if I had his bread. I told him I got him when I go to the store guess he wasn't tryna hear that cause that guy backed out a ice pick and tried to stab me right in the entrance of the crib we was housed in. Good thing I was strong I grabbed his forearm in a way where the ice pick didn't go through my state coat. After that we scuffled over the knife and I threw him against the wall. The police was coming so I let him go n we played it off like nothing happened cause I was tryna get home early so I had to avoid going to the box in order to do so. Anyway me n son friendship was over after that and it was hard for us to live in the same house so after the bros applied pressure to him he signed out the crib. Ain't that some shit what would you have done if you were in my shoes 🧐🤓1⃣0️⃣0️⃣💫🎶🍾👨🏿🎓

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