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Rah explains why he should be paid to attend events

Me being an influencer , a leader of my generation and a great emcee carry's a lot of envy and hatred. Promoters have to care more for the artist and really WORK. There's precautions I have to take when I go out "CLUBBING". People come to the event just to hurt me. I wear jewelry somebody wants my jewelry. I come wearing nice sneakers somebody wants to step on my shoes. I come without my lady somebody lady will look at me which can cause a problem. Ijs I'm not a regular person and promoters HAVE TO RESPECT THAT. I'm taking full advantage of my power when I go out I should be treated like the star MC

I am and my entourage needs to eat as well. This shouldn't be an issue but I find "JANKY PROMOTERS" have become very lazy and want the artist to do the job for them THAT'S NOT GOOD BUSINESS 💥👨🏿‍🎓

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