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About RAH

Rah the Broker is the future of hip hop America‼️ Hailing from New York City’s beloved HARLEM & LONG ISLAND he has a combination of both areas in his craft. Maybe that’s why you can’t classify his technique. Over the years Rah the Broker has been very consistent. Since 2016 when he first re entered society after a long prison stint. From releasing albums like “God Knows Best” and “God Knows Best 2.5” in 2017 to releasing “Money Don’t Sleep” 2019 and The Wolverine Tape in 2021 you could see and hear the growth in Rah the Broker creativity. Now its 2022 and Rah started the year off strong with his latest mixtape called “Who’s The Goat” which he broke all rules and rapped over classic instrumentals adding his new school style to old school beats. Now we are heading to the middle of 2022 and Rah just released a classic ep called Before The Money which is a prelude to what’s to come. Stay tuned cause the Top Scholar ain’t playing no games as he is also playing an executive role mentoring artist like JCM Keyz and being CEO of SCHOLAR KAMMITTI LLC. It’s a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN 🗣 FOLLOW Rah the Broker

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